An Ultimate Guide To Cocobolo Desk

Many people do not know about Cocobolo desks, and it may be why you are here. Cocobolo, without a doubt, is amongst the most beautiful hardwoods that ever existed. It is packed with all the alluring qualities that have captivated woodworkers and artisans for centuries. These types of desks are made from cocobolo wood. People get a kind of wood from the slow-growing cocobolo tree. The cocobolo is expensive because the cocobolo wood tree takes many years to develop and cannot be harvested quickly. If you are interested in the cocobolo office desk or traditional furniture, this explicit content can help you learn all about it.

What Is a Cocobolo Desk?

The cocobolo desk is made from rare cocobolo wood. The design of these types of desks is simple. Although the design is straightforward, it does not stop it from being the most aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for methods to enrich the look of the working place, you can opt for the cocobolo office desk. Other than the look it provides, the executive and the top-of-class quality make the cocobolo wood a unique feel. Cocobolo wood is amongst the best woods for the desk. The reason why they are the best is primarily due to the distinct characteristics it provides. Want to build a long-lasting impression when guests arrive? Choose the cocobolo desk for your office. The reason why the cocobolo price is high is that the tree takes many years to grow.

Cocobolo Wood

This wood is native to Central America due to its rarity. The cocobolo wood is acquired from the cocobolo tree, and it takes weeks to prepare and create things out of the wood.

The reason for its popularity is also due to hardness and sustainability. The cocobolo wood desk is amongst the wood desk for enthusiast appreciation. This wood is more of the collectible standard of the wood, and it targets specific taste holders in society. Many people still purchase desks made of cocobolo even if the cocobolo price is high in the market. It can help you to make your working space stand out in the office by completing the executive look.

Cocobolo trees tend to grow well in dry upland areas next to the pacific coast. Most trees can reach up to 60ft of height, and some can reach up to 80ft. Cocobolo wood is not just durable, but it is highly attractive with an irregular grain pattern. The color of the wood ranges from reddish-brown to dark red.

Caring For Cocobolo Wood

If you happen to be amongst those lucky enough to own the cocobolo office desk or any other artifact but do not know how to care for them? If yes, read the tips below. Since it is genuine rosewood, the primary concern with this type of wood is its extraordinarily dense and oily texture, and it also induces a distinctive scent that can persist for years to come.

The oil cocobolo wood makes it hard to handle and affects the glue from adhering to the surface. Likewise, the natural oil in the wood does not let the finishing paint stay for long and makes a stickier mess.

To tackle this situation, you should initially finish the evaporate, and apply the paint coating. Another thing to do is seal the natural oil and apply the finishing coat.

When handling cocobolo wood, keep in mind that cocobolo lumber is notorious for causing allergies. It is imperative to cover your mouth and nose to prevent getting an allergy.

Reasons Why Cocobolo Wood Is Costly

The desk made of cocobolo is a hardwood found in Central America, and it is from the family of Dalbergia.

Dalbergia retusa is a medium-sized tree that reaches about 75-80ft and 3ft in diameter. This wood species contributes to the wood for making cocobolo desks and furniture. There are also some other species popular for producing cocobolo wood.

Know that one only uses the heartwood of the tree. The timber is valuable, and the tree produces it harvested significantly. It is becoming rarer to get the trees that grow the cocobolo wood outside the plantations, national parks, and reserves. Compared to other wood, cocobolo wood makes its way to the market in less amount, which causes cocobolo price hike.

Growing Duration Of Cocobolo Wood

These trees are slow growers and take several decades to mature. The rare beauty and the high value has led to the exploitation of the natural forests. The exploitation makes it challenging to find.

Natural forests have been depleted, usually grown in plantations across Central America. Harvesters must have a government license to get this wood from Central America.

The unfortunate thing is that this wood is not suitable for mass production. According to the survey, the population of cocobolo trees has reduced by more than 20%. It puts the species on the IUCN red list, which is vulnerable.

What Makes Cocobolo So Loved?

Most people adore and love the cocobolo office desk because of the rarity. The rarity increases the value because woodworkers craft the desk from rare cocobolo hardwood. The trees tend to grow slowly, which can take decades. This slow process makes it rare to harvest. The small size of the trees makes it challenging to produce lumber. These factors are the sole contributors to why cocobolo desks and wood are popular to be precious and unique.

Another excellent reason for the popularity of wood is that it is beautiful. The cocobolo office desk is popular to be in a class of its own. It is why series such as Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have made this wood a symbol of luxury and style.


Now you may know the significance and the reason why many consider it to be the mood wood. You can also choose it for your office and make it stand out. If you are looking for ways to get a luxurious look, the cocobolo desk can help you get the look you want.

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