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Are you a total sportsperson and especially interested in cycling? If yes, then you have heard Houle. Houle is a world champion from Canada. Hugo Houle is a cyclist who is a 31-year famous for his passion for cycling.

Today, he’s famous due to his brotherly character. Hugo had one brother who was not very well-known and His name was Pierrick. A tragic accident took an important person from Hugo’s life. Rest is the heartbreaking saga that tells the story of Pierrick Houle. Pierrick Houle incident which is further explained in the following paragraphs.

What happened and how did Pierrick Die?

Pierrick was the older brother to Hugo who was killed in 2012. At the time, Hugo was just a 21-year-old young man who was devastated by his brother’s sudden and tragic death. Pierrick was the victim of an accident on the road, in which a drunk driver struck him, and then fled.

In the wake of that sudden smash, Pierrick couldn’t survive and ended up in the grave, most notably his grieving younger brother. Both were engaged in racing in the Tour de France which is an annual multi-stage men’s bicycle event.

The connection between Pierrick Houle’s accident and to Tour de France

As we’ve said that the Houle brothers wanted to view the race as children. Therefore, a responsible and willing older brother decided to put in the effort to fulfill his brother’s dream. Hugo began to fight to be the winner of the Tour de France.

Finally, in 2022, the cyclist aged 31 was the first Canadian forever to win a stage in the Tour de France. He won the race for his brother who passed away after a period of 10-12 years and gave his stage 16 victory in memory of his older brother. He will never think of the Pierrick Houle Accident.

What are Hugo’s Words to His Brother Now?

After his stunning victory, Hugo was just uttering one fact: he had one goal to win the stage in honor of his brother. We want to inform the world that this was a stunning 40km solo effort that brought Hugo to his first Tour stage win. He was not just successful as a brother, but an outstanding citizen as well.

When he was informed of his victory on the 19th of July, 2022, the winner was extremely emotional. He was so elated that words could not come from his mouth. He claimed that he had spent 10-20 years trying to win this battle following his brother’s death in the Pierrick Houle incident to honor his brother. It was an amazing experience for him, and words can’t convey the joy he felt.

Why is this particular Accident trending?

The event is being discussed because of the fantastic triumph of one Houle brothers. He began battling just for his brother and even dedicated the victory to his deceased younger brother also. Unfortunately, there aren’t any details or data regarding Pierrick Houle that can provide specific information to our readers.


In the end, this recent victory for Hugo Houle made everyone proud and emotional. Hugo Houle’s Pierrick Houle accident was the most important factor that led Hugo to continue his journey to victory. We still feel the pain of our hearts for an older brother who hasn’t been able to forget the trauma of losing his son.

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