What is Teñvel? All That You Need To Know About The New Fashion Trend, Teñvel

Fashion has evolved over the years, and these days, the Teñvel trend is fast trending. This trend is gaining immense popularity for those wanting to look trendy and affordable simultaneously. Whether you want to stand out from a crowd at a party or go for a casual day out with friends, Teñvel is the perfect choice for you!

What is Teñvel?

Teñvel is a fusion fashion movement that is created by combining two or more different cultures. The demand for fashion is constantly increasing, and this fast-growing trend has created countless possibilities in the fashion industry. It has opened doors for further creativity. People can now experiment with outfits with different color palettes, patterns, fabrics, fittings, and everything beyond. From uniting two different fashion roots, it is also moving towards merging lifestyles. The Teñvel trend is all about combining tradition and modernity.

Indian Vogue

India is a rich culture, and Rajasthani individuals beautifully display it with their heavy bandles, churidars, and heavily adorned dupattas. They are known for their ghagra choli’s and tie ‘n dye with gotta-Patti work on the borders.

Maharashtrian women are known to wear choli with a sari that is 9 yards long. The women of Madhya Pradesh like to differentiate themselves from their western counterparts, who wear lenga choli by covering their heads with a piece of cloth called Orni.

The women of Karnataka wear saris embellished with prints, stripes, or floral work. Furthermore, the men enhance their outfits with swords and daggers and wear gold-trimmed turbans on special occasions. Colorful caps attract everyone instantly. It is no wonder Himachal caps, the magnificent crown of the Himachal Pradesh, are now being recognized as a fashion accessory.

Traditional dresses of Gujrat are vibrant, colorful, and mesmerizing. Their dress is similar to the lenga; however, it is unique because of its vibrant colors, detailed thread, and mirror work.

Asscerories Inspired By Indian Culture

India has a huge variety of accessories which includes

  • Anklets
  • Waist chains/kamar patti
  • Necklaces
  • Arm bracelets
  • Tikka
  • Nose rings
  • Studs
  • Bangles

It may be difficult to wear such heavy accessories in daily routine; however, the Teñvel trend has changed this norm. The western wardrobe is pretty different compared to the Indian attire. It usually consists of skirts, tops, long coats, and sleeveless long shrugs. Combing Indian accessories with chic western outfits is one way the Teñvels trend started.

Western and Indian Fashion Combined

A blend of western and Indian fashion has been able to change and shape many design structures in fashion. It opens doors to various thoughts and fashion ideas which help create unlimited possibilities in the fashion industry. Artists are now able to produce unique ideas because of this fusion trend. You can never go wrong with the Teñvel trend; it is especially suitable for parties and festivals.

A Mix of Fusion is Teñvel

While Teñvel began in India, it is fast trending in the west too. Indian fits now follow western dress patterns such as their gowns and stilettos. Colour plays a vital role in the Teñvel trend too. Everyday outfits are now blended with Bollywood glamor, for instance, jeans with a kurta, casual tops with colorful lehengas, and kurtas with blazers.

The Teñvel fashion is hard to distinguish because it doesn’t have a fixed definition due to its huge variety of style prospects.

Styling Techniques

A good sense of styling technique can enhance a simple outfit. An example of a perfect Teñvel is a gown with Indian accessories. Pair your elegant prom gown with Indian jumki’s or earrings to make heads turn. Furthermore, heels are essential for every party dress. Wear them with the traditional lenga and a chic top to create the perfect Teñvel balance. Additionally, Enhance any outfit with Indian jewelry or accessory.

Touch up those western maxis with intricate Indian embroidery with traditional Indian laces. Up your game by wearing shoes, flats, or joggers with this outfit. Wearing joggers with lenga’s is also a setting trend these days.

The Teñvel trend of wearing Indian dupattas into waistline belts is also fast spreading in countries where shalwar kameez are worn regularly.

Teñvel Events

Fashion trends are everywhere, from weddings to parties to universities, bridal showers, family gatherings, formal dinners, and offices. How has the Teñvel trend changed fashion in these events? Students are seen wearing kurtas over western denim jeans or crop tops with statement Indian jewelry. Pants and tops are being replaced with long kurtas and tights. Furthermore, western bags are paired with eastern outfits, and traditional kussas are worn with denim jeans.

A bridal shower is a popular trend in Teñvel; you can wear a western maxi with traditional Indian embroidery. You can flaunt a wedding look by pairing a colorful lenga with a solid-colored western top. You can get even more creative by wearing western blouses with embroidery or wearing Anarkali frocks over a pair of colorful jeans. With a play of different styles and colors, you can create a perfect Teñvel outfit for any occasion that fits your personality

Teñvel Colors

Color plays a huge part in any fashion trend. Likewise, Teñvel fashion also creates a fusion of an outfit’s colors. Wear a brightly colored blouse with delicate bangles to show the Teñvel trend. Be the center of a party by wearing a simple button-down shirt with a vibrant sari. Be the next Teñvel trendsetter by pairing short kurtas with dhoti pants and silver bracelets. Another elegant Teñvel design can be wearing a subtle colored top with a jacket over a lenga.

Adding different gold accessories and heavy makeup with light-colored outfits can create an amazing Teñvel outfit.


Teñvel is the perfect choice if you want to be creative and stand out at parties. It is versatile and can make anyone look absolutely amazing. So the next time you are invited to a party, do it the Teñvel way!

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