Who Is Namiko Love Browner Dad?

Namiko Love Browner is a well-known American celebrity child and the daughter of mom, Jhene Aiko, and dad, O’ Ryan. Jhene Aiko is a B2K artist, whereas O’ Ryan is an R&B singer.

Browner hails from a family of musicians. Jhene Aiko is a songwriter as well.

Jhene began her career as a vocalist and has been in a number of music videos for the R&B group B2K.


O’Ryan’s single album, published in 2004, is his most well-known work. The song was written with a youthful audience in mind. Omarion, the R&B singer, is his younger brother.

During his career, O’Ryan has also appeared on television.

From 2005 to 2008, Namiko’s father and mother were dating. The cause of their breakup was kept a secret.

Jhene and her daughter were in a vehicle accident in 2013; Jhene was injured, but Namiko was uninjured.


Explore Namiko Love Browner Family & Age

Talking about the age and family of Namiko Love Browner she has a family of 3 which includes her, her mother, and her father.

Her mother Jhene has 2 million followers on TikTok under the moniker @jheneaiko. Her videos have a total of 11.9 million likes.

She frequently uses the video-sharing app to post her singing videos as well as other short videos.


Namiko also appears on numbers Tiktoks recorded by her mother as well as she also starred in her mother’s song.

In 2018, Namiko and her mother performed a duet called “Sing To Me,” which was taken from Aiko’s second studio album, Trip.

On VH1’s third annual Dear Mama: A Love Letter To Moms, they sang the song together in a featured performance.


Meet Namiko Love Browner On Instagram

Namiko Browner has the Instagram handle @namikobrown. She does not use Instagram and has only one photo of herself with her mother.

Namiko’s social media account is managed by her mother, Jhene. She has 134 Instagram followers.


Namiko has a fan page with the handle @namikoloveofficial. Jhene is also on Instagram, where she posts images of herself and her kid.