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From AARP’s new research, as per the record, it has been found that age above 50 years likes to play online AARP games to boost their memory and have fun games to play online. Furthermore, nearly 79% of mobile and tablet users play AARP-free games.

What is this famous AARP game?

The AARP game is a popular online game that tests the player’s ability to identify objects shown on a computer screen. It’s a game where the player has to identify objects displayed on a computer screen.

AARP game means free games online, and now you can spend your free time playing exciting and intelligent games that will increase your cognitive skills. Some examples of AARP games are Outspell AARP, AARP 5 Roll, AARP Codeword, AARP Mahjongg games, etc.

Around 3 years time, the 10 million gamers increased, ages above 50 years. Also, they like to play browser games like agario unblocked. It is a similar free online game to AARP games. This game was released in 2015, and since that time again is one of the most popular browser games.

AARP-free games online can be played solo or as a multiplayer, over 40% of all gamers know about the new game from ads on the internet. Additionally, these types of games help our minds to be mentally alert and improve additional skills.

Details You Need to Know About AARP Games


free game available online

AARP free games online are free online games for getting reward points for which, we need to register first, and then through that user id if we play we get some reward points for playing different games or after completing different levels.

AARP games can be accessed through different types of screen sizes such as a mobile, tablet, and even though desktop.

Under AARP, some free online games are available and some are only allowed for registered members only. Hence, for becoming a member we have users have to pay some subscription amount after that only they can access those games.

Some common AARP-free games online names are as follows:

10X10, 8 Ball poll, 9 Ball poll, Chess, Ballistic, Bubble shooter, etc.

Categories of AARP Games

  • Arcade
  • Puzzle
  • Strategy
  • Card


These types of games are basically installed in public plays station where we have to insert some coins or tokens for playing. Playing Arcade games on pc or console it’s only possible when they release on video arcades, else it’s not possible.

Some arcade game names are as follows:-

5 Roll, 8 Ball poll, 9 Ball poll, Asteroid, etc.

Puzzles:  These are such types of games that can be played to improve mental ability. Free online games for kids, as well as different groups of people, can play.

Some names of the onlin

e Puzzle games names are as follows: Sudoku, Mini Cross Word, Mathduko, etc.

AARP Games


Strategy: Additionally, strategy games are used to improve the plan of action of the gamer. Strategy AARP free games are easily available on the internet.

Some of the names of the strategy games name are as follows:-Chess, Trizzle, Suduko, Word wipe, etc.


fun games to play online


AARP strategy games are a great way to engage seniors and help them stay active. AARP strategy games are a great way to engage seniors and help them stay active.  Either way, they are an excellent way for seniors to maintain their mental faculties, social skills, and physical abilities.


card game is a game that uses playing cards as the primary device with which the game is played, typically with each player holding their deck. Free online card games typically involve either some form of trick-taking or trading cards between players to capture cards from a central pile. Some of the names of card games are as follows: Bridge, Black Jack, Tripeaks Solitaire, etc.


Games like Bridge and Whist where each player plays one card at a time and tries to win tricks by playing a higher card than the other players in the same suit. On the other hand, Games like Rummy and Canasta, where players trade sets of matching cards (called melds) to capture more cards from the tableau.

Let’s have some in-depth understanding regarding some of the specific AARP games and how to play them.

  • AARP 5 roll 

Each player is given three rolls to assemble their ship and crew. The first player attempts to get the 6, 5, and 4 by rolling all five dice. He can keep a six if he rolls it, but only a five or a four if the player has a six or a 6, 5 accordingly. He hopes to have a five and then a four on another two rolls.

If he has a 6-5-4 by the end of the third roll, he adds the two remaining dice to get his “cargo” score. He doesn’t score if he doesn’t have a 6-5-4. This 5-roll game is a great one to start playing AARP free games online and start to sharpen your cognitive skills.

  • AARP Codeword 

AARP Codeword game is a crossword puzzle wherein every letter has been replaced with a number from 1 to 26. Every letter of the alphabet will be mentioned at least once.

As starts, certain letters are provided. To find the words in the finished puzzle, the solver must decrypt the rest of the code. Initially, AARP Codeword is easy to play. But when you step to the higher stages of the game, the game’s requirements will get tougher and more interesting.

The initial letters will be carefully picked to provide a path into the codeword puzzle, but don’t assume any of them to appear frequently in the game. Starters should provide a path into the game, but not so much that the codeword puzzle becomes a tedious square-filling activity.

  • AARP games word wipe

The goal of AARP Word Wipe is to remove lines from the 20×20 grid, whether horizontally or vertically, within the given time limitation.

The player will only have to complete one line within 120 seconds initially. However, as the levels progress, the task increases as the player will have to clear several complete lines in less time. Select a starting letter with your mouse.

Slide the mouse horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to select an adjacent letter, then continue with another adjoining letter.

Wipe away the letter tiles by dragging your mouse over each letter until you spell your word. The tiles above the wiped-out word will drop down, giving you extra chances to find words.AARP Word Wipe is a great free online game if you like to play word games.

  • Outspell AARP

Another popular AARP word game is enjoyable and suitable for enhancing your cognitive skills. Outspell AARP is a basic word game, similar to Scrabble.  You form words by placing letter pieces on the squares every time. You get points for each word you make, depending on the letters you utilize. The objective is to outsmart your opponent by coming up with the finest possible terms.

The difficulty level of the Outspell AARP game will increase with each game stage. Outspell is an excellent alternative to Scrabble. Almost all of the rules are the same. Also, because it’s a single-player game, it’s good to practice if you’re not ready to play Scrabble or any word games with actual people.

  • AARP Mahjongg games

Mahjongg is a game with many variations, but the most common form is based on the card game Rummy.

The game starts by shuffling the tiles and dividing them into 13 stacks of 17 tiles each. The player who draws the first tile then selects one stack to draw from until they have 14 or more tiles, at which point they can no longer take any more.

They then discard a tile from their hand to make 13 piles again, and play continues in a clockwise direction, with each player drawing one tile at a time until there are no more left in the stockpile.

Well, AARP Mahjongg games are completely different from normal Mahjongg games. AARP Mahjongg games have various types such as AARP Games Mahjongg Toy Chest, AARP Games Mahjongg Solitaire, and AARP Games Mahjongg Dimensions.

AARP Mahjongg Toy Chest game comes with a mat with nine rows and nine columns. Some tiles correspond with each letter and number on the mat. It helps to enhance cognitive skills by recognizing numbers and letters of the alphabet and how to use cognitive skills to find matches between tiles.

AARP Mahjongg Dimensions is a tile-matching game played in the same style as the traditional mahjongg game. The game’s objective is to match pairs of tiles to remove them from the board and clear the board before one’s opponent does.

The gameplay consists of two phases: a placement phase, where players take turns drawing tiles from a pile and placing them on their boards, and a matching phase, where players take turns revealing pairs of identical tiles.

AARP Mahjongg Solitaire is a basic card game. Solitaire is a single-player card game played using a deck of cards. The object is to move all cards from the table to the four stacks at the top.

As per research details, AARP games are fun games to play, we have thousands of free games available online so we can easily play online games and enhance our mental ability and different types of skills.

Alternatives to AARP Games

While AARP games are excellent, if you like casual games, there are other websites that might
be fun and useful to you.
● Solitaire Bliss – A website and app variety of solitaire and card games
● Mahjong on Solitaired – Play Mahjong with easy reshuffles and unlimited games
● Im-a-puzzle – Solve thousands of jigsaw puzzles

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